Crypto Charity: This is Where DogeCoin Charity Funds are Being Used Across Africa

In recent weeks, DogeCoin, the popular meme coin, has been the talk of town as it has seen impressive growth in 2021 so far.

While its rise has obviously helped many people make money, few know that the DogeCoin gains are all given directly to charity organizations mostly doing poverty relief work in Africa.


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Through the GiveDirectly charity organization, we compiled a list of countries across Africa where Dogecoin funds are helping alleviate poverty and offer COVID relief.

Some of the countries that have benefited from these donations include:

  • Kenya
  • Rwanda
  • Liberia
  • Malawi
  • DRC
  • Togo

Drilling down on specifics in the above countries, here are some of the areas where donations from DogeCoin have been put to use:

  • Kenya – sending cash to families living in the Mathare, Kibera, and other informal settlements within Nairobi and funded 4 water projects via the Charity Water organization
  • Liberia – testing contactless outreach and enrollment of vulnerable recipients in Liberia to develop a digital model that can work in areas that lack infrastructure or have low cell phone usage
  • Malawi – Urban cash response targeting vulnerable households in urban areas affected by the economic downturn from COVID-19
  • Rwanda – Rnroll recipients in Kigali who suffered acutely from the economic fallout of COVID-19 in partnership with the government

While DogeCoin is a meme coin, the charity efforts from the gains across Africa is for a serious cause.


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