The New York Times Sells a Column Post Titled ‘Buy This Column on the Blockchain!’ as an NFT for Over $500, 000

The NFT craze has taken a turn with the latest sale being of a single post for about $550, 000 as a non-fungible token.

Ironically, the article, published on the New York Times (NYT), asks readers to directly purchase it right on the title. The entire article basically discusses the NFT craze and the buzz surrounding the industry.


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According to Kevin Roose, a technology columnist for the NYT and the writer of the post:

“I thought to myself: Why should celebrities, athletes and artists have all the fun? Why can’t a journalist join the NFT party, too?

So I decided to turn this column into an NFT and sell it on the open market. Whatever I make from it will go to The New York Times’s Neediest Cases Fund.

In any event, it’s worth a try. So please, check out my NFT auction at, and let the bidding begin.”

                 – New York Times Columnist

The fact that the New York Times has been able to sell an article for such a huge sum opens a new way for creators – artists, musicians, and yes, journalists – to turn their work into revenue and erode the economic dominance of social media middlemen.


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