Opera, Africa’s Leading Mobile Browser, Adds Africa-focused Celo as its First Ecosystem Stablecoin

The Opera browser has announced that it is adding the Celo stablecoin onto its crypto wallet along with the Celo token.

At the same time, Opera has also joined the Celo Alliance for Prosperity, a group of over 140 organizations focused on fostering social impact and financial inclusion through the use of blockchain technology.


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Speaking about the integration, Cuautemoc Weber, Head of Crypto and VP, business development and mobile, Opera, said:

“We chose to integrate cUSD and cEUR as our first stablecoins, as a large part of our user base lives in markets like Africa, the Philippines, and LATAM, where access to financial services—such as cash out options—is limited, fiat volatility can be challenging, and remittance costs are high.

Celo makes this possible with just a mobile phone number.”

                             – Head of Crypto, Opera

The addition now means that Opera users will now be able to send peer-to-peer remittances, trade, and convert Celo’s native token or stablecons via the Ramp protocol.

Opera has over 120 million users in Africa with Opera being the browser of choice for every second mobile internet user in countries like Kenya and Nigeria.

The Opera News app is also home to over 20 million active users monthly in Africa.

In 2019, the browser added support for bitcoin payments enabling Android users to send and receive bitcoin via the browser’s inbuilt crypto wallet, which also supports Ethereum.


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