[WATCH] I Can Command Up to 5x for My NFT Works, Says Osinachi, a Nigerian Artist

Nigerian art creators are leveraging the digital art shift into NFTs and growing their worth despite the recent Nigerian ban on cryptocurrencies.

Osinachi, one of Nigeria’s most bankable digital artists, says he can command up to five figures for his NFT works.


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A former librarian, Osinachi says:

“We are moving from traditional pieces of art.

Anyone now can be an artist and you don’t have to wait for a gallery to pick you up and consider you to be valuable.

According to Uyi Amokaro, the co-founder of WeAreMasters, a digital marketplace specializing in African crypto collectibles and NFTs:

“It’s a massive market.

It’s basically digital art or any asset in the virtual world or in the virtual economy that can be tied to the blockchain and can be bought and sold.”

                               – Co-Founder, WeAreMasters

A few companies across Africa have also taken the initiative to create workshops and platforms and help traditional artists to start acquiring the digital tools through which they can now digitize and monetize their art.


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