Cryptocurrency ATMs Have Grown by Over 70% in H1, 2021 – Africa Now Has 20 ATM Locations

The first Bitcoin ATM in Kenya is now Live!

The number of bitcoin ATMs continue to grow exponentially with the first half of 2021 experiencing massive growth.

As of this writing, there are now over 24,470 bitcoin ATMs across the world, according to crypto ATM research service, Coin ATM Radar. This represents a growth of over 70% since just January 2021 when 13,993 ATMs had been recorded.


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Below are some stats about the crypto ATMs so far in 2021:

  • Since January 2021, Bitcoin ATMs have increased by over 70%
  • In 2020, the number of bitcoin ATMs grew by 119.56%
  • The number of ATMs has grown by over 10,000
  • It is estimated that 52.3 ATMs are being put up every day
  • In 2020, 24 crypto ATMs were added per day in 2020
  • Coin ATM Radar lists just 20 bitcoin ATM locations spread out across Africa – By comparison, African had only 10 locations in 2020

A crypto ATM is a physical device that allows people to buy cryptocurrencies with cash and/or their debit or credit card. Some ATMs are bi-directional allowing for the sale of digital currencies for cash.

ATMs are more important than ever given the continued partnership between exchanges and payments services like Mastercard and Visa.

Visa recently announced that its crypto cards have been used to facilitate more than $1 billion worth of transactions in H1, 2021.

More recently, Mastercard has looked to enhance its crypto service and is now joining Visa in using USDC to settle transactions that involve crypto.

By integrating with Mastercard and Visa existing networks, cryptocurrencies are likely to become accessible and available anywhere the cards are accepted.

Crypto ATM machines are predominantly located in 75 countries with:

  • 21,161 locations in the U.S.
  • 1,698 in Canada
  • 174 in the U.K.

There are 42 ATM manufacturers globally with the largest operators being:

  • Bitcoin Depot – U.S
  • Coin Cloud – U.S and Brazil
  • CoinFlip – U.S


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