Quidax Integrates with Polygon – The First in Africa for the Leading Ethereum Scaling Layer 2 Solution

Quidax, a crypto exchange based out of Nigeria, has integrated its service on layer 2 scaling platform, Polygon.

Quidax has consequently listed Polygon’s native token, Matic, on its exchange. This will allow Quidax customers to trade Matic once it is listed. The listing of Matic on Quidax will also expose the exchange to new customers that want to trade the crypto asset.

Quidax is also adding token self-listing, which is intended to ease the listing process for projects across Africa.


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Beyond listing, Quidax will be bringing Polygon’s architecture to its customers. This means Quidax customers will be able to access projects that are already in Polygon’s ecosystem and benefit from various services including lending, borrowing, staking, gaming, NFTs, and more.

Speaking about this, Buchi Okoro, CEO, Quidax, said:

“The integration could not have come at a better time as we just marked 3 years since we launched. We are excited about the integration with Polygon as it fits into our goal of bringing DeFi and CeFi services to Africa.”

                                           – CEO, Quidax

In a comment, Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder, Polygon, said:

“We welcome Quidax to our Polygon ecosystem as they align with our goal of bringing Blockchain infrastructure to the masses & the world.”

                                            – Co-Founder, Polygon

This move is notable as it is the first partnership between an African crypto firm and the layer 2 scaling solution that has taken the world by storm.

Here is a quick breakdown of what to expect with Quidax integrating Polygon:

  • The listing of the Polygon’s native token, Matic, on Quidax further exposing the exchange to new customers. Users will be able to purchase Matic using USDT and QDX tokens
  • Launch of a token listing self-service to ease out the process of listing tokens to increase developer adoption. Blockchain projects will be able to list their tokens on Quidax in 24Hrs
  • Allow Quidax customers to access projects that are already in Polygon’s ecosystem and benefit from various services such as lending, borrowing, NFTs and more

Apart from its instant exchange & order book services, Quidax enables OTC trading for institutions and gives fintech companies the tools to offer cryptocurrency services to their customers through a dedicated plug and play API.


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