Unique Network, A Sidechain On Polkadot, Selected for United Nations Backed NFT Initiative

A United Nations program has become the latest institution to be drawn by the NFT sector.

The Digital Art for Climate Action Empowerment, or DigitalArt4Climate is a program that intends to encourage artists to showcase artwork that will inspire people to work toward finding better solutions for the environment.

The initiative is using blockchain technology (non-fungible tokens/NFTs) to turn artwork into digital assets, which can be collected and traded.

The program is being organized by Glocha, which is the Global Citizen and Youth Empowerment System, in partnership with the UN Habitat (United Nations Settlement Programme).


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Unique Network has been selected as the lead technology partner for the initiative.

As technology partner, Unique Network will create and host DigitalArt4Climate’s NFT marketplace for artists and designers to showcase their work using its white label suite of NFT solutions. 

Unique Network is a special purpose chain built alongside the Polkadot ecosystem.

Polkadot is suitable for this initiative partly because they utilize a 3rd generation proof of stake system that is less damaging to the environment.

It is estimated that the carbon footprint for the DigitalArt4Climate initiative will be “a million times lower than comparable proof-of-work based blockchain solutions.”

The initiative has settled on NFTs because it wants to bring this innovative art form to the next generation of creators who stand to benefit from a technology that can help them amplify and monetize their work.

During the recent NFTs boom, artists have been able to earn huge sums for their artwork

Other than that, proponents of the technology indicate it can be harnessed to ensure artists are able to earn a cut each time their work exchanges hands.

A DigitalArt4Climate art competition will launched on August 12 – International Youth Day — for artists to submit their climate-related art via the initiative’s website.

The art will be made available as NFTs on the DigitalArt4Climate marketplace and put up for auction, with revenues from the sales to be shared between artists and United Nations-related action for climate empowerment initiatives.


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