Paxful Now Beta-Testing a Lightning Integration

Paxful, the leading bitcoin peer-to-peer crypto exchange in Africa, has revealed that it is planning to integrate a lightning payment solution.

In a message to some users of the platform, Paxful indicated that lightning would enable the transfer of bitcoin in a matter of seconds.


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Here’s how the new integration would work during beta:

📥 Receive

  • Locate the Lightning tab in your Paxful Wallet
  • Click ‘Receive’ and enter your desired amount
  • Send the invoice to the Lightning-compatible wallet the funds will come from or scan the QR code in the supporting app
  • Wait a few seconds and you’re done

📤 Send

  • Open the Lightning-compatible wallet you’re sending funds to
  • Click ‘Receive’ or ‘Create Invoice’ and enter the amount to be transferred
  • Copy the invoice string and paste it into the ‘Send’ form in your Paxful Wallet (the Lightning tab should already be available to you)
  • Confirm the amount, click ‘Pay’, and you’re done

Additionally, users have the benefit of zero fees during the testing period.


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