Twitter to Add Bitcoin and Ethereum Addresses As Part of Upcoming Tip Jar Feature

Twitter will let users add their public BTC and ETH addresses as part of its rollout of payment feature, Tip Jar.

In May 2021, Twitter announced that it would be adding a way for Twitter users to make payments to each other which it is calling Tip Jar.

The feature will let users add payment links to services such as:


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However, it now seems Twitter, founder by bitcoin maxi, Jack Dorsey, will be providing internet users the chance to receive payment in crypto – atleast the two most valuable ones.

Leaked screenshots show Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) wallet address options in the settings toolbar of the app version of Twitter.

Although such claims can easily be rubbished, that seems less the case after Twitter’s product lead, Kayvon Beykpour, retweeted a previous post about the BTC tipping feature.

Beykpour even added his own comments to the matter albeit using emojis.

In the thread that followed the leak, Paluzzi said he used reverse engineering to effectively enable the feature on his phone. While the feature is inactive and unusable, Paluzzi could still see what the system will look like.

Palluzi also discovered several other additions to the social media site:

  • The possibility of listening to Spaces without having to be logged in
  • Twitter working on the ‘Use device settings’ option for dark mode
  • Twitter working on 2 new payment services for Tip Jar – Go Fund Me and Pic Pay
  • Twitter working on an option to remove followers directly from their profile
  • Twitter working on the ability to create GIFs using the in-app camera

In the MacRumors report, it is indicated that Twitter will use Strike to facilitate instant and near feeless Bitcoin transfers via the lightning network. Those who would like to use the system would simply need to connect their Strike accounts.

Strike is the service by an Irish startup of the same name that has developed a contact-free solution for tips and charitable donations.


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