Paxful Partners with Human Rights Foundation to Support Young Nigerians to Become Crypto Developers

A team of developers cranking up solutions during the EOS Nairobi Hackathon at Moringa School

Paxful, the leading P2P crypto exchange in Africa, recently supported the Human Rights Foundation by making an undisclosed donation.

Human Rights Foundation is an organization created to find innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems composed of activists, policy experts, and philanthropists.

In particular, Paxful’s donation is meant to support Qala Fellowship, a program meant to find and grow local talent in Nigeria, starting with careers as blockchain and crypto developers.


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Through the program, talented Nigerians will be helped to:

  • Build companies
  • Contribute to the open source network
  • Get jobs with bitcoin-focused companies

The Qala Fellowship is a 6-month intensive course with all the resources needed by a developer to be provided. Other than that, the fellowship has connections for internships and full-time roles.

The program provides exclusive talks from experienced players including asistance as to how young talented people can contribute to bitcoin projects.

Ray Youssef, CEO, Paxful, commented on the necessity of the program saying:

“Paxful follows energy and it’s clear that the Nigerian youth will make a profound impact on the global economy through Bitcoin. They have entrepreneurship baked into their DNA but they have not been given the chance to showcase their talent on the global stage.”

                                                – CEO, Paxful

Human Rights Foundation and Paxful have also come together in cognizant of the disparity between the adoption of crypto in Africa and the developer talent that is creating solutions across the continent.

The need for developer talent was also highlighted by Bernard Parah, the Program Lead for Qala Fellowship.

Parah is also the CEO of Bitnob, a crypto exchange and app based out of Lagos, Nigeria.

According to Parah, bitcoin has far-reaching implications beyond just speculation which should be explored and this fellowship aims to achieve this objective.


NB: Look out for an exclusive interview with CEO, Bitnob


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