[WATCH] NFTs are Coming to MetaMask in 2022

Leading web 3 interface, MetaMask, has revealed its plans to improve a range of its features as web 3 continues to gain traction.

One key drawback that has been raised about decentralized applications is the poor experience and now Metamask might be looking to improve that area.

Complaints about UX

In a tweet on December 25, 2021, MetaMask put down a list of changes to improve its interface ahead of 2022:

  • A more intuitive user and easier to use experience
  • An improved multi network experience
  • Allow users to view portfolio value and assets across all their accounts
  • NFT assets support


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The Christmas day announcement was part of a series of tweets teasing upcoming changes to the platform including teh ability to copy sample code from its source with an interactive API playground for composing Ethereum provider API requests to MetaMask.

The revamp is part of Ethereum Improvement Proposal 1559 and is expected to add efficiency by leading to improved gas estimations and simpler advanced settings.

The recent announcements followed one priming users to expect a collectables feature for the Metamask browser extension in the coming year.

Managing NFTs on the Metamask browser extension is difficult. While you can add NFTs as custom tokens in the extension, users are not able to see them natively in the user interface.

NFT support will soon be coming to MetaMask in 2022.


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