Introducing BitVice – A South African Bitcoin-Only Self-Custody Investment Platform

BitVice, a South-African startup, has launched a bitcoin-only buying platform which lets users store their assets on their private wallets.

By keeping their bitcoin in a private wallet, users avoid third-party wallets in what is referred to as self custodying. This leads to key benefits for a bitcoin owner:

  • Total control of tokens and keys
  • No charges


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Bitvice self-custodial solutions are available to investors and entities.

Bitvice also provides experienced consultations on how to set up secure self-custodial wallets based on investors’ risk appetites and requirements.

The startup also works with financial advisors in allocating bitcoin to their clients’ portfolios.

Bitvice does not offer sell orders, only purchase orders. Once bitcoin is purchased through Bitvice, it is settled directly to your own wallet.

– BitVice

BitVice was created to help all South Africans invest in bitcoin which it is focusing on exclusively as opposed to other more speculative cryptocurrencies. 

The team launched in South Africa with fintech API Stitch as its data and payments partner.

The Stitch API makes it easier for customers letting them link their bank accounts so that BitVice can instantly access their account information and KYC details as opposed to asking for manual uploads.


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