[WATCH] Safaricom Highlights a Kenyan NFT Artist Getting Paid via M-PESA on Binance P2P

Mobile Money transaction fees will now go up in the new wave of Kenya government taxation.

In an interesting twist, Safaricom, the company behind the popular and dominant M-PESA mobile payment system, has featured a Kenyan NFT artist and how they get paid for their work on Binance P2P via M-PESA.

This is a new twist for a company that does not allow crypto exchanges and companies to plug into its M-PESA ecosystem and allow users to buy and sell crypto via M-PESA.

The video depicts a young Kenyan NFT artist talking about his work and demonstrating how he gets paid in Ethereum and how he is able to cash out via M-PESA on Binance P2P.


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According to the artist, named, Joel Meshak:

“I didn’t get to hear about NFTs till March last year. The biggest motivation was seeing other people making money through digital art. But with time I realized there’s so much more: you get connections, you meet new artists, you get to see people’s stories and you generally build an actual community online.”

– Kenyan NFT artist

Joel is a member of the popular Mbogi Ya NFT twitter group that is known for educating and spreading the word about NFTs.

Safaricom has for the longest time restricted crypto companies from plugging into its ecosystem and this feature is the first for the company to openly come out and offer support for the crypto and NFT ecosystem.

M-PESA is the dominant mobile money service in East Africa offering individuals, banks, and businesses an easy way for transactions. It is also credited for opening the way for mobile money adoption globally.


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