Kenyan Hip Hop Star, Octopizzo, Announces NFT Drop for His Upcoming ‘Fuego’ Album

Kenyan hip hop star, Octopizzo, will be releasing 5 tracks as NFTs that can be purchased by anyone in Africa and the world on OpenSea.

The NFT is a collaboration with the Kenyan-based blockchain startup, HoneyCoin.

In what is dubbed the first of its kind NFT drop for an African artist, the 5 songs will be released as fractional NFTs giving owners access to a share of streaming royalties as well as other benefits.


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Fractionalized NFTs are NFTs that have been broken down into pieces allowing for them to be sold individually. Each individual buyer of these pieces would then possess only a small portion of the NFT’s overall value.

Octopizzo has recently launched his latest studio album titled ‘Fuego.’ The album has been described as one that will help put the Kenyan hip hop scene on the African hip hop pedestal bringing Kenya the glory it deserves around the globe.

HoneyCoin started out as a borderless payments app supporting transfers between several countries such as Kenya and Nigeria, and diaspora regions like the U.K and U.S. It has however continued to diversity its offering.

The partnership with Octopizzo is a demonstration of its service to helping artistes and other creative workers monetize their work.




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