EXPLAINER GUIDE: How to Mint Your First NFT in 5 Easy Steps

NFT minting is the process of converting a digital file to a crypto collectible. It is impossible to delete, edit or modify the digital item or file stored on a blockchain.

The process of uploading an item to the blockchain, similar to the creation of fiat coins, is called ‘minting.’

While Ethereum is the most preferred destination for NFT minting, there are a slew of chains that have become popular for the same function. Some of these include:

When minting an NFT, you can do that directly on a project or via a marketplace like OpenSea.

But let’s say you have a particular project that you like

Step 1. Finding a Project

Go to rarity.tools to check the latest NFT projects. The site has a database of new, top, and upcoming NFT projects.

It is one of the best and intuitive websites available in the market that ranks NFT projects based on the Rarity Score.

Step 2. Install MetaMask

As with any crypto asset, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet to mint and trade NFTs. The most popular wallet is MetaMask.

This is a decentralized wallet that you can easily download from the official MetaMask website and install as an extension on your browser. There is also an app, but you probably should start with the browser extension.


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Step 3. Open a MetaMask account

Once on Metamask, you’ll create an account, which is not much different from how you’d say open a Google or Facebook account.

Follow the steps and make sure to write down (using pen and paper) the seed phrase, which will be needed to later recover your wallet should you lose your login details or lose access to the account.

Step 4. Fund MetaMask

After you’ve created your MetaMask wallet, you can send funds to the account using the wallet address displayed at the top, under the account name.

You can send ETH funds to the wallet’s address from centralized exchanges that allow credit or debit cards to crypto purchases, such as Binance, Coinbase, or Crypto.com.

Make sure to check the price of minting an NFT before transferring funds to ensure that you will have enough for minting and gas fees. The minting price should be clearly specified on the page of the project.

Step 5. Connect Wallet to A project’s website

The final step on your way to minting an NFT is to connect your wallet to the project’s website and start minting NFTs.

Here is an example prompt that you will get before entering the projects NFT toolkit.

Here is an attempt to connect to a NFT project

After this step, you are ready to mint NFTs with a particular project. Note that a creator of an NFT may schedule royalties during the minting process. This allows him or her to receive a commission whenever the work is sold or traded on secondary markets.

Lastly, you want to stay tuned in to our site for more content about NFTs. If you want to explore the steps to creating NFTs on a marketplace like OpenSea, here is an explainer to guide you.


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