Emerging Markets Offer the Most Growth Potential for Crypto, Says Latest Toluna Report

Toluna’s latest report on the state of cryptocurrencies investment in 2022 reveals that 75% of investors in emerging markets expect to increase their cryptocurrency investment allocations compared to 57% in developed markets.

Investors and consumers in emerging market areas which include Asia, Latin America, and Africa generally had a more positive outlook concerning crypto based on these findings:

  •  32% of consumers in emerging markets say they have trust in cryptocurrency compared to just 14% in developed markets
  • 41% of consumers in emerging markets say they’ve invested in cryptocurrency compared to 22% in developed markets

According to Toluna, a reputable consumer research firm, the report was based on a survey of 9,000 people across 17 markets. It assessed their feelings around cryptocurrency, including investment habits, perceptions of individual consumers, and future purchase intent. 


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More general findings from the report include:

  • While 61% of global consumers say they’ve heard of cryptocurrency, only 23% say they’re familiar with it
  • 41% of current investors say they’ve decided to do so because of short-term growth potential
  • 40% have invested for long-term stable growth
  • 33% have invested to diversify their portfolio.

“The public largely sees cryptocurrency as risky and volatile as compared to stable, low-return, fixed-deposit investments. To this point, 45% of consumers agree that cryptocurrencies are not guaranteed to succeed.”


With only 23% of respondents saying they hold crypto deposits for investing, several areas to improve the trust situation were identified. These include:

  • Competitive transaction fees
  • Accurate exchange rates
  • Fast transaction speeds
  • More crypto coin options to choose from Tutorials and simple interface
  • Secure systems

In terms of age:

  • 44% of millennials (25-34) in emerging markets said they invested in crypto
  • Gen Z (18-24) are close behind at 42%
  • Just 21% of Baby Boomers (57 – 64) showed interest in crypto investments


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