[DEADLINE: APRIL 9, 2022] Launch of the Hydra African Blockchain Developer BootCamp – 200 Signups So Far

The Hydra Developer Bootcamp organised by ChainIDE and Conflux for Web3 developers in Africa provides them with hands-on blockchain 101 training, insight into the African blockchain & crypto industry and a unique outlook to the future prospects of the Metaverse and Web 3.

More than 200 people have already signed up for the training while the first two modules have already attracted more than 500 views in two days.

On Saturday 2nd April 2022, the opening ceremony of the 2022 Hydra Developer Bootcamp was successfully held.

Wu Xiao, CEO of WhiteMatrix, a Chinese tech firm that provides industry-leading blockchain services, was the first guest speaker at the opening ceremony and said:

 ‘We strive to support the blockchain ecosystem and grow together with the community.’ – CEO, WhiteMatric

Chris, head of global expansions at Conflux Network, advocates for the transition towards Web3 and the mass adoption of blockchain technology. Topics such as DeFi, GameFi and the phenomenon of Africa boasting the biggest volume of Bitcoin remittance in the world are to be discussed in the future.


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On launch day, the Co-Founder of GIGx, Osamede Arhunmwunde, described the adoption of blockchain technology as the opportunity of our generation. The goal of GIGX as Africa’s first decentralised marketplace is to onboard the next million users across Nigeria.

Other guests included:

  • Chimezie Chuta – Founder of Blockchain Nigeria User Group (BNUG)
  • Ehis Omozusi – The regional marketing & business lead, Conflux Network
  • Obasi Francis – CEO & Co-founder of Cassava Network & former CEO at Lead Wallet
  • Gaius Chibueze – CEO of ABiT Network

During the panel discussion, Mr. Chuta depicted the lack of trust and transparency as the main bottlenecks to Africa’s development, and that blockchain’s nature (transparent, immutable, verifiable, secure & decentralised) could be the key to solving this problem.

On the other hand, Mr. Ehis emphasized the enormous growth potential of the African crypto sector and that this line of work is not limited to developers.

During his intervention, Mr. Francis stressed that the crypto space in Africa boasts an excellent development environment as it is already self-regulating.

The Hydra Developer Bootcamp comes with a $7, 000 Bounty, and POAPs are available for those who attend the bootcamp from Week 2 to Week 4.

Participants attend the entire bootcamp event will get a chance to join the giveaway lottery scheduled on Week 4.

The registration deadline for the Hydra Developer Bootcamp is 9th April at 13:00 GMT+1. 

Future modules in this Hydra Developer Bootcamp include creating smart contracts using Solidity, developing a blockchain-based game and meta verse.

Team building has started and participants may contact other members in the Telegram group or outside the TG group to build a Team.

Coding lectures will start next week and instructions will be given on how to build applications and deploy them on the Conflux blockchain.

Make sure to follow the Hydra Developer Bootcamp on Official channels and remember filling the forms in the Telegram group!

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