EXPLAINER GUIDE: How to Reserve Your Celo Address on NomSpace and Use it Across Web3

One of the key announcements made at the just concluded #CeloConnect inaugural conference is that people can now send Celo assets using simple NomSpace domains.

NomSpace is a global name resolution service that lets users reserve a `.nom` username through NomSpace and use it in place of their wallet address anywhere they go in Web3 – from sending and receiving crypto using their .nom to seeing their .nom displayed on dApps like UbeSwap.

Reserving an address on NomSpace is fairly easy and straightforward.

Here is how to do it in 3 simple steps:

1. Click ‘Reserve A Nom’

You will first need to head over the NomSpace website at nomspace.

Once on the website, simply click your cursor on the ‘Reserve a Nom’ editor that is in the middle of the home page.

Here is how it looks:

In the editor, proceed to enter a name of your choosing.


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2. Connect Wallet

Once you select the name you want, you will be asked to choose the duration you want to hold the address for. By default, you are presented with a 1-year period which the service automatically calculates to cost $5.

Once you click on ‘Connect Your Wallet,’ you will be presented with a list of supported wallets for payment:

Here, you can select the wallet service you’d like to connect.

3 Make the Payment

You can choose the wallet service you hold some funds on.

In this case, I chose the Celo Extension Wallet.

Reserving a name will be completed if you have the requisite funds in your wallet.

From there, you can start to use your reserved name across the Celo ecosystem and beyond without having to enter long and hard addresses every time you need to make a transaction.

Every time you open your address on the internet, you will be presented with your profile looking something like this.

Besides having a much more comfortable user experience, some of the other benefits that you can get from this service include:

  • The name you reserve can be used across several chains that support NomSpace
  • Your Nom address can be used to showcase your NFTs
  • It is also where you can showcase the assets you hold and favorite crypto projects

All .nom’s are NFTs, which means you can easily transfer and sell them as well.


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