Grammy Award Winner and Music Producer, Leriq, Launching NFT Platform for African Creators

Grammy Award winner and a leading Nigerian producer, Leriq, is set to officially launch his non-fungible token (NFT) platform, African Valuables Collective (AVC), to enable African creators to generate and sell their work.

Designed with a diverse set of creatives in mind, it will help curate content online and list members’ NFTs across multiple digital collectable marketplaces.

Here are some of the creative sectors targeted:

  • Music
  • Art
  • Film
  • Sports
  • Real estate

According to the producer, who has won a Grammy award together with Afro beats sensation Burna Boy, there currently is a high barrier to entry for African artistes and he is looking to build an easy to use platform for Africans to onboard onto the metaverse:

“AVC aims to assist content creators making and selling digital assets by providing a seamless and frictionless platform. In addition, we also want to educate content creators on the opportunity to sell digital assets like NFTs.”

– Leriq


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Based in Lagos, Nigeria, and Accra, Ghana, AVC is expected to expand across the rest of the continent following an undisclosed amount of funding from investors that is geared towards expanding creators using the platform in Africa

Some of the investors into the platform include:

  • Kepple Africa Ventures
  • Cameron Hejazi
  • Ronald Chagoury Jr

According to the founder, the mission is to create a community that involves creators and other people with the current immediate goal being to market the platform to bring in users.

To join, creators must set up a profile on the AVC platform to upload their assets and generate an NFT which will then be listed on various marketplaces. Once an NFT is sold, creators will receive their funds.

The platform also enables participants to track their sales via their profiles.

Hailing from Nigeria, the music producer, sound engineer, and all-around creative was recently nominated for and won a Grammy for his work in 2021 on superstar Burna Boy’s latest album titled ‘Twice As Tall.’

Not only are they a standout favorite in the category of Best Global Music Album, but Leriq and Burna’s working relationship can be seen as the dynamic duo.

Deemed one of the Top 5 producers on the entire continent, real name, Eric Isaac Utere, has found his niche in curating an eclectic sound that reels in African rhythm and combines them with the pulse of electronic dance music.


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