Web3 Clubs, a Leading African Web3 Training Initiative, Announces Inaugural Web3 Graduation in Kenya

Web3 Clubs, in partnership with BitKE, one of Africa’s leading blockchain and crypto media oulets, have announced a NEAR blockchain project presentations and graduation ceremony.

The graduation is the first of its kind in East Africa after having successfully trained 30 students in Web3 development with 25 certified developers after learning how to build and deploy smart contracts on the NEAR protocol.

The 3-month coding bootcamp comes to an end on July 30, 2022 when the student developers will showcase their final projects while presenting their minimum viable product (MVPs) visions built on the NEAR protocol, with a logical economic value in mind.

The MVPs also stand a chance to get funded and accelerated into the Kanga Incubation program.

The NEAR Protocol was designed with a best-of-breed approach in mind. It focuses on fixing the bottlenecks of the earlier blockchains while also enhancing the user experience to enable broader adoption of blockchain technology by existing Web2 users and developers.

Web3clubs, on the other hand, is an Incubation and acceleration program that aims to build robust High School, College & University communities for students to pursue Web3 engineering. The initiative is both market-led and community-focused – the key drivers to the success of Web3 following the success of Web2 across the continent.


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Web3 Clubs Modules

The Inaugural NEAR Bootcamps conducted by Web3 Clubs, in partnership with BitKE, enabled developers who are starting out with NEAR smart contract development to build a solid foundation in NEAR, RUST, JavaScript, & Web assembly script languages to transit and accelerate their development skills in a nurtured environment with the sole purpose of building real world tech solutions from market fit viable products.

Here is a snapshot of the hot topics covered during the bootcamps:

  1. Introduction to NEAR
  2. NEAR architecture and its programming model
  3. Rust Fundamentals & Web Assembly build scripts
  4. Building NEAR smart contracts
  5. Introduction to front-end development using JavaScript
  6. Deploying smart contracts

Examples of MVPs by Web3 Clubs Graduants

  • SISI Community Markets – A community based marketplace by Russel that rewards it’s users in cash or NEAR tokens. Profits are stored on-chain as NEAR tokens. Essentially creating an account on SISI gets the user a NEAR sub-account with which they can manage their NEAR portfolio in a sense
  • SukumaSwap – A peer-to-peer non-custodial digital assets marketplace by Dalmas that utilises permissionless fiat to smart contracts on & off ramps for instant settlement. Merchants selling on SukumaSwap are able to offer a variety of digital assets without exposure to downside risk and volatility
  • Real Estate Management dApp – This is a real estate management system by Felix that creates a link between a buyer and a seller to collect and manipulate data, hence provide enhanced automation,manage assets and provide trust through blockchain


Each of the above projects is a personal endeavour by each student to showcase their skills by building a full-stack application of their choice which they have been working on over the past 3 Months.

During the graduation, students will:

  • Show off their projects
  • Explain the difficult problems and challenges they addressed during the bootcamp, and
  • Celebrate the new skills they have learned

The purpose of the Web3 Clubs initiative is:

  • Be a driving block for Web3 adoption and acceleration in Kenya and Africa
  • Enable developers to easily transit from Web2 to Web3, and
  • Provision of learning resources and in-depth mentorship approach to enable developers build tech solutions that are viable to today’s economic market

The developers were able to access mentorship programs from able instructors who had a diverse technological background and experience. At the same time, Web3 Clubs was able to offer the developers first hand innovation techniques for them to adopt problem solving intuitions to develop projects over the course of the bootcamp.

Web3 Clubs hopes to get community buy-in and support in championing the acceleration of Web3 tech projects from both a financial and economic perspective as it seeks to partner with like-minded tech entrepreneurs in order to be able to achieve its key objectives.

In a statement, Web3 Clubs said:

“We’ve built an enthusiastic network of future startups through the Web3 accelerator programme. The growth of these promising emerging companies can only be achieved with the help of the passionate co-investor community built in mutual understanding to help startups scale.”

– Web3 Clubs

Learn More about the co-investing opportunities with Web3 Clubs here.

The investment in learning blockchain technology and it’s different protocols such as NEAR, Algorand, Celo, and Polkadot is highly feasible on the basis of futuristic value of trust architecture. Developers get to diversify and enhance their development skills by building sustainable decentralised infrastructures to accelerate future ecosystems.

“We’re so proud of our first cohort of students. We can’t wait to see them graduate and take the next step in their software development careers.”

– Web3 Clubs

The graduation is scheduled for July 30th, 2022, 11:00 am–7:00pm, 2022.


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