[WATCH] ‘We are Positioning Zambia as a Destination with Progressive Regulatory Frameworks,’ Says CEO, BongoHive

During a recent trip to Lusaka, Zambia, BitKE got to chat with Lukonga Lindunda, the Founder and CEO of BongoHive, the leading co-working and innovation hub in Zambia.

BongoHive is a 10-year old technology and innovation hub spearheading the adoption of various technologies in Zambia, including blockchain.

During the discussion, Lukonga talked about the growing tech space in the country, largely due to the new government in place that has brought about changes in ICT and regulation to encourage a more robust ecosystem and innovations.


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BongoHive is one of the few technology destinations in Africa that Prince Harry of UK has visited. This exposure offered a glimpse into the work that the hub is doing in the country.

“There is a lot of positive sentiment because of the new government. There are a lot of incentives that are coming through to encourage entrepreneurship in general.

From a regulatory perspective and for a lot of fintechs that are trying to start businesses on the continent, we’re positioning ourselves as a country that is receptive and has very progressive policies and regulatory frameworks that encourages innovation.

We’re open for business and for many startups to come here.”

– CEO, BongoHive (Zambia)

In this interview, Lukonga discussed the following:

  • How was BongoHive born?
  • How does the BongoHive space look like?
  • The visit by Prince Harry – Why the visit and what culminated out of it?
  • How is the tech / fintech space in Zambia in comparison to Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa?
  • Is the government supportive of the tech space?
  • What are the challenges you face as an innovation hub?
  • Any partnerships / collaborations?
  • What startups have gotten funding or growth in Zambia out of BongoHive?

Learn more about BongoHive below:


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