[WATCH] A Chat with Betty – The First and Only Woman from Africa to Get Elected Onto the Telos Blockchain Board

BitKE got an exclusive chat with Betty Waitherero following her election onto the Telos Board.

Betty is the first and only woman from Africa to get elected onto the Telos Blockchain board, a historic achievement for people of color and Africa.

Betty has been a well-known figure in the media space for the last 15 years in Kenya. She also runs a green startup called GreenTrace, which seeks to keep track of electronic waste and ensure more sustainable green practices in Africa.


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Speaking on her decision to build on the Telos blockchain, Betty said:

“I’m not a programmer, however, the ease with which you are able to access the engineering on the backend and explore it using block explorer or EOS Authority, and to be able to record your data directly onto the chain, I mean, this is one of the best blockchains to understand, the easiest to utilize that I have come across.”

– Board Member, Telos Blockchain

In this interview, Betty discusses the following:

  • Past work in media and policy
  • How did you get into blockchain?
  • What appeals to you about blockchain?
  • Let’s talk about green energy tokenization
  • Talk to us about your startup Green Trace
  • How did your appointment to the Telos board come about?
  • How are you looking at pushing blockchain adoption in Kenya and Africa?
  • What is your advice to fellow women and entrepreneurs in Kenya and Africa?


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