Egypt Inflation Hits 13.6% in July 2022 – The Highest Rate in 3 Years

Headline inflation in Egypt for July 2022 hit a high of 13.6% going up from 13.2%, according to data from the country’s official data collector, CAPMAS.

According to reports, this rate was the highest in 3 years and was caused by higher prices of food and transportation.

  • Food and beverages rose by 22.7%
  • Transportation costs rose by 17%
  • Cereals and bread group rose by 1.0%
  • Dairy, cheese and eggs went up by 5.2%
  • Fruits rose by 7.5%
  • Tobacco group went up by 3.3%
  • Medical equipment group rose by 1.0%
  • Private transportation went up by 9.0%
  • Vegetables costs decreased by 10.8%


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Egypt 12-Month Inflation Data

The latest figure immediately upends the drop in inflation that came in June 2022, which disrupted a 7-month climb in annual inflation.

The rise in inflation has been attributed to the government raising fuel prices. Egypt’s fuel pricing committee increased gasoline prices by 2.3% on average in July 2022 during a quarterly review. The devaluation of the Egyptian pound by 14% in March 2022 also had an effect on local prices.

Egypt is the largest importer of wheat globally. As a result, it has been severely impacted by the Ukraine-Russia conflict since this has disrupted shipments in the black sea region where 80% of Egypt’s imports come from.

Egypt’s is part of several countries across Africa that have experienced heightening cost of living, with all pointing blame at the Ukraine-Russia conflict.


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