Binance Tops Exchanges Globally at 300 Million Visits in Last 3 Months, Reveals Latest Report

In the last 90 days, traffic from users in the United States represented 14.33% of all visits to crypto exchanges, new research has revealed.

The research by Arcane Research looked at 35 of the biggest exchanges across the world during the last 3 months, a period that coincided with plummeting crypto activity.

From their research, we can see that these are the countries hosting the most crypto exchange visits:

  • United States (14.33%)
  • South Korea (6.51%)
  • Russia (4.87%)
  • Turkey (3.46%)
  • Japan (2.62%)

Other than the top 5 countries, the researchers also revealed that visitors domiciled in Ukraine represented 2.11% of total traffic during the last 3 months, placing the country 8th on the list for crypto exchange visits globally.

The research also reveals the top 20 countries ranked over the last 3 months represented 54.2% of all crypto exchanges.

The researchers also determined that Binance received over 300 million visits in the last 90 days, with Coinbase coming in second.

Below is a breakdown of crypto exchanges website visits according to the report:

According to the study, the traffic to Binance was more than twice that of the number two exchange, Coinbase, with American users dominating that platform.

The NFT platform, OpenSea, was also found to be a popular blockchain application with more site visits than all crypto exchanges except Binance.

“OpenSea, in general, has a lower bounce rate and higher visit duration than Binance and Coinbase, suggesting that the average visitor tends to use OpenSea to explore more NFT-related price data.” – Arcane Report



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