Aeternity Africa Looking to Promote, Showcase, and Demonstrate the Disruptive Power of Blockchain

Aeternity Africa is a software company developing decentralized applications on Aeternity blockchain (open source) platform.

Aeternity Africa, a software development company based in Nairobi, Kenya, is looking to showcase and demonstrate the power of disruptive blockchain technologies by organizing events for the remaining part of 2018.

The first of these events will take place on October 11, 2018, and will help IT experts, developers, entrepreneurs, and decision makers get up to speed with developing Dapps on the Aeternity blockchain.

The Aeternity open-source blockchain protocol is a platform that enables the development of mobile decentralized applications (Dapps) that connect with real-world data.


Blockchain in Business with Aeternity

According to the Frank Deya, COO, Aeternity Africa, the initiative will achieve the objectives below:

  • Promote Aeternity to be the number one go-to blockchain development environment in Africa.
  • Showcase use-cases and demonstrate how deapps built on ae solves different problems in specific industries every month.
  • Hold monthly events; bring together entrepreneurs, business leaders and decision makers from specific industries. Share with them the transformative and disruptive nature of blockchain technology. How the tech is going to change their business models, impact their bottom line and tilt the competitive landscape in their industry.
  • Build a thriving ecosystem of ae blockchain application developers, designers, startup entrepreneurs, writers, artist and thought-leaders in Africa.
  • Build deapps for SMEs, StartUps and governments.
  • Create a pipeline (funnel) of consultancy projects for SMEs and governments.

According to Frank:

“The Aeternity platform is built for mobile decentralized applications, making it most suitable for the African Continent. Competition like Etherium, EOS and even Bitcoin Cash are only capable of web applications.”

Check out the event program below:

The Blockchain In Business event scheduled for Thursday 11th October 2018 at The Clarence House in Westlands, Nairobi from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon



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