Aeternity Africa Event will Focus on Crowdfunding on the Blockchain

In its second event of 2018, Aeternity Africa will be showcasing a launchpad for startups and SME financing on the 24th, November 2018.

The event will feature speakers from a variety of startups including KuBitX, YEN Africa, EOS Nairobi among others.

While small businesses fuel the African economy, the largest obstacle to scaling these businesses is a lack of funding. Aeternity Africa hopes to provide a solution that offers these upcoming businesses a platform where they can utilize Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), which are similar to IPOs, in order to raise capital.

According to Frank Deya, COO, Aeternity Africa:

“We will showcase a platform that will legitimize the ICO fundraising model and ensure that investors, big or small, have confidence in ICOs to support African SMEs in their pursuit for startup and scaling capital”

Here is one of the products that have been developed by Aeternity Africa showcasing a cheque clearing system which was highlighted at a previous event.