Highlights of the 4th Annual Lecture on Financial Inclusion by FSD Kenya


The 4th Annual Lecture on Financial Inclusion organized by FSD Kenya featured the reknowned and well established fintech entrepreneur and industry expert, Julian Kyula, the founder and CEO of MODE Group.

Julian gave a stimulating talk on what it takes to build a successful fintech company that spans over 26 countries, both in Africa and beyond.

Of particular interest was his broad understanding of where fintech is heading and how newer technologies are influencing the future of this industry. Other speakers that provided insight into the fintech space in Kenya included:

  • Kamal Bhattacharya – Former Chief Innovation Office, Safaricom
  • Eddie Ndichu – Managing Director, Opera Software, Africa


Enter Blockchain for Fintech

Julian also understands the importance and impact of blockchain technology in the fintech space and is looking into adopting the technology to build products within his company.

Speaking to BitcoinKE, Kyula said: “I’m quite heavy into blockchain right now and the next innovation I have put together is very blockchain heavy. I believe blockchain will start to disrupt regtech and will be core in the next innovation for me.”

Speaking about the wide scope of blockchain, he mentioned why being specific in implementing the technology is key to success.


Look out for full interview with Julian Kyula      


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