Qubitica Looking to Engage Kenyan Developers and Content Creators

Qubitica, a distributed enterprise that has built a strong community of developers and investors from over 20 nations, is looking to engage the Kenyan blockchain developer ecosystem in order to onboard users onto its platform.

While the platform is open to content creators and blockchain developers, QUBITICA is essentially a community of blockchain and AI experts developing and investing in products of the future.

According to the project whitepaper:

“QUBITICA is a global community of developers, IT companies and investors. The aim is to promote innovations in the field of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and high technology.”


How to Earn QBITS

Users, developers, and content creators on the platform are rewarded with Qubitica tokens (QBIT), currently trading at approximately $27 on CoinMarketCap. As of this writing, the token is listed at number 79. 

The name QUBITICA stands for this distributed structure and QBIT is the token with which participation in QUBITICA is represented. While the QBIT is a min-able, only developers and content creators on the platform can own QBITs since these are rewarded users on the platform. In addition, the holding of corresponding QBIT tokens is a prerequisite for the allocation of new projects.

The Whitepaper further states:

“Only through programming or other intellectual work could QBIT be obtained. So we are completely free from the problems that many ICOs have. Each holder can trade his QBIT freely and receive Ether or BTC. In general, QBIT often switches between developers, but also between investors or traders, who initially had no opportunity to acquire QBIT.

To date, there is a good cycle and the mix within the QBIT holders is appropriate. Since we all know our participating developers by registering their QBIT under Qubitica.net, we have a good overview. QUBITICA has not needed any external investments, neither through ICOs nor through other investments. The pre-financing of projects is supported by the cash flow and the capitalization.”

QUBITICA will be holding an online WhatsApp session with interested developers, designers, and content creators on April 21st to discuss opportunities and how to get started on the QUBITICA platform.

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