[VIDEO] The Kenya Police Implements an Immutable Digital Occurrence Book for Transparency and Accountability

The Kenya National Police Service (NPS) has implemented and is now actively using a digital Occurrence Book (OB) that will be used to record incidents at police stations countrywide.

Speculation as to whether the records are on a blockchain is ongoing as its description matches a blockchain-based ledger.



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In a statement, the Kenya Police Service said:

“The technology among other benefits ensures that all entries made are a permanent record that cannot be edited, thus guaranteeing transparency and accountability in Police operations at the station level.” ~ Kenya National Police Service.”

The statement further states:

“The reports entered will be subject to monitoring by Ward, County and Regional Commanders as well as the Inspector General and other top Commanders. This is in line with the government’s policy of digitizing services that are critical to service delivery to Kenyans” ~ Kenya Police

A closer look at the new system shows entry details in real-time that include:

  • Date of occurrence
  • Time of occurrence
  • Officer details
  • Complaint details

The new digital OB now replaces the old physical OB that involved manual recording of crime-related incidents at the stations which was prone to mistakes and changes.

Whether the new service is blockchain-based or not is still debatable.


BitcoinKE has reached out to the relevant authorities for more information and will update this post on the above.




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