[VIDEO] The Government of Ghana to Implement Land Registration Using Blockchain

The Government of Ghana has announced that it is in the process of digitizing land registrations using blockchain technology.

Speaking during the 2020 budget presentation before parliament, Finance Minister of Ghana, Ken Ofori, said that the government is undertaking a broad digitization program that include the following sectors:

  • Ghana Post GPS
  • Identity cards
  • Ghana ports
  • Land registrations
  • e-Driving licenses
  • e-Passports applications
  • Mobile-money interoperability
  • Drone systems
  • Health delivery services


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Currently, land registrations are already on the blockchain and the Bank of Ghana is already looking at how the this implementation can be utilized in other areas.

The minister also pointed to an initiative to decentralize health services which may point to more blockchain implementation as the Ghana aims to digitize for sound management of the economy.

Finance Minister, Ghana, Ken Ofori

“These initiatives hold potential long-term gains by leveraging technology to improve transparency and accountability. This is the way to go for Ghana if we are to catch up with the rest of the developed world in the 4th industrial revolution. Ultimately, our goal is to become the leading hub in ICT innovation in Africa.” ~ Finance Minister, Ghana, Ken Ofori

African governments are on the move when it comes to implementing and leveraging emerging technologies like blockchain. Recently, Lesotho signed an MoU to implement blockchain in its government systems, pointing to a Pan-African movement looking to adopt these technologies.




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