South Africa’s Oldest Crypto Exchange, ICE3X, Introduces Free Instant Rand Deposits in Under 60 Seconds


iCE3X exchange, the oldest and pioneering South African digital assets exchange, has integrated with Ozow Pay secure payments allowing a ZAR deposit in under 60 seconds for free.

This makes iCE3X the first exchange in South Africa to offer instant deposits from a South African bank.

Instant deposits on trading platforms is an important edge for traders. Traders view the speed of deposits and withdrawals as one of their top 3 requirements when choosing a trading platform. Removing friction points on exchanges is consequently becoming a key focus at this point in time in order to increase trading traffic.

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Speaking about the new service offering, Eugéne Etsebeth, COO, iCE3X, said:

“Our customers will now be able to make quick buying decisions and have ZAR funds available on our platform in under 60 seconds. This instantaneous service is an innovative feature that empowers our customers.”

You can make use of the Instant Deposit functionality in 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to the account section of your profile on iCE3
  2. Click on Deposit to your ZAR wallet
  3. Select OZOW
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Which Banks Support Instant Deposits?

You can make instant deposits to your iCE3 Exchange Trading account, as long as you have an account with any of the banks mentioned below:

The iCE3X exchange platform now integrates numerous business partners including a cryptocurrency exchange platform provider, financial institutions, merchant services, wallets, custodial services, insurance and scratch cards making the platform particularly attractive to clients who seek the best service to buy and sell (trade) cryptocurrencies and fiat pairs.

So far, the largest and most popular exchanges across South Africa, including VALR and Luno, have already enabled instant payments and withdrawals on their platforms resulting in better products and service offerings for the end-user in South Africa.


About Ozow Pay

Ozow is registered as a Systems Operator and a Third Party Payment Provider with the Payment Association of South Africa.



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