Bitcoin Crosses the $26, 000 Milestone to Become the Largest Financial Services ‘Company’ Globally by Market Cap

Once again, Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has broken new ground to hit yet another all-time-high of above $26, 000.

This time however its different as this also marks the first time Bitcoin officially becomes the largest financial service ‘company’ in the world at the current market cap of $497.4 billion.


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To put this in perspective, at the current market valuation , Bitcoin is now officially:

  • The largest financial services ‘company’ in the world
  • The 21st largest currency globally

By extension, the entire cryptocurrency market cap, of about $720 billion at the time of this writing, now means it is:

  • More valuable than Tesla ($627 billion)
  • More valuable than Alibaba ($638 billion)
  • More valuable than TenCent ($690 billion)
  • Slightly less valuable than Facebook ($761 billion)

As institutions continue to pile up their Bitcoin reserves and drive the price further up, many long-time traders and hodlers are increasingly becoming confident that the days of Bitcoin below $20, 000 are quickly fading away.

Where we go from here is pretty much obvious, but its clear that well-financed institutions are now in play and we can all guess the direction the prices are likely to go.


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