You Can Now Buy the First Tweet Ever Sent as an NFT

Yes, you read that right. The first tweet ever published by Twitter Founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey, is up for sale . . . . as a non-fungible token (NFT).

The first tweet by Jack was published on March 21, 2006, and is the first high-profile NFT-backed tweet in history as well.


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The tweet NFT is currently on sale on the Valuables website. According to the website:

“The tweet itself will continue to live on Twitter. What you are purchasing is a digital certificate of the tweet, unique because it has been signed and verified by the creator.”

                   – Valuables Website

As of this writing, the largest offer so far has been offered by Justin Sun, CEO, Tron, for $1, 000, 000.

NFTs are all the rage currently with millions of dollars in NFTs auctions already taking place on popular marketplaces such as NBA Top Shot, OpenSea, and Beeple among others.

In Feburary 2021 alone, the top 3 NFT dapps grew from $71 million to $342 million with the most expensive NFT for the month being sold for over $226 million.

While the new wave of selling tweets is obviously new, it will be interesting to see what else can actually be auctioned in these marketplaces as this digital asset vertical continues to see massive growth.


What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a special type of cryptocurrency where every single token is unique and individual, making these tokens ideal for collectible cards or digital art.

Unlike regular cryptocurrencies, NFTs cannot be directly exchanged with one another and neither are they indivisible. This is because no two NFTs are identical – even those that exist on the same platform, game or in the same collection.


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