[WATCH] Nova Finance Emerges Winner in the 2021 Solana Season Hackathon – African Chapter

Nova Finance has emerged the winner of the just concluded Solana Season – African Chapter.

There were a total of 13 African projects in the hackathon in both Web3 and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) categories.


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The Solana Season Hackathon was the ecosystem’s biggest yet!

Over 13,000 people participated in the hackathon, producing 350+ project submissions from teams around the globe.

Below is the total list of African projects that applied and qualified to participate in the hackathon:

  • Nova Finance
  • Kurobi
  • Unk Finance
  • Aurels
  • Banki Africa
  • SolPayments
  • Dev Ngeni
  • Dreson 3
  • Source King
  • Angel Protocol



Scan QR Code or Signup here to attend: https://bit.ly/BitKE-Catapult-53


Kurobi was also among the winners for the Kin Prizes category which saw only 5winning projects from the entire season pool walk away with $3, 000 each.

Below are some stats from the 2021 Solana Season Hackathon:

  • Over 13, 000 participated in the hackathon
  • Over 350 project submissions were produced globally
  • The hackathon brought together developers, designers, and business operators from around the world to move DeFi, Web3, and NFT ecosystems forward by leveraging Solana’s speed, low fees, and scalability
  • A total of 39 standout projects were selected by judges to receive a prize. 39 additional projects also showed tremendous potential and earned the Honorable Mention of our judges
  • Zeta Markets won the Grand Prize. The project is an under-collateralized DeFi options platform
  • Coral Reef won First Place in the NFT track. Coral Reef is an NFT marketplace with the ability to fractionalize
  • Solarium Me2e won First Place in the Web3 track. Solarium Me2e is afull decentralized, end-to-end ecrypted, censorship-resistant instant messenger
  • Boring Protocol won the Community Choice Award. Boring is a decentralized VPN built on Solana


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