[WATCH] You Can Now Tip Bitcoin On Twitter

After several months of speculation, social media service, Twitter, has finally introduced a payments tip option for Bitcoin.

The solution has come with the TipJar feature which will let users make payments or tips to users on the popular social media platform.

When users select the feature, they are able to make tips in fiat to other people, such as creators, using third party financial services like Square, Venmo, and now also in bitcoin.

According to reports, bitcoin payments will be facilitated by the Lightning Network, a bitcoin layer 2 parallel chain that makes transactions a lot cheaper and quicker compared to mainnet transactions.


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Accordingly, users can add their Bitcoin Lightning wallet or their bitcoin address to enable the sending and receiving of tips in bitcoin. For now, the integration has only rolled out to iOS users, but Android is soon to come, according to Esther Crawford who is the product manager for the payments feature.

While bitcoin helps to make payments possible on Twitter across the world, the service maintains that it is looking to integrate other payments solutions scross the world.

Crawford added that Twitter is also exploring NFT authentication for users on the platform.

The idea is that users would directly connect their crypto wallets to their accounts to prove ownership of an art piece to convey authenticity. The integration would likely contain some sort of provenance explanation as well.

Twitter wants to make it visually clear that the avatar of a NFT owner is authenticated, as well as provide information and insight, touching on the legitimacy and other qualities of the avatar owner.

Twitter also said it is rolling out real-time filters to keep conversations respectful together with user-moderated communities.


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