Luno, a Leading African Exchange, Hits 9 Million Users – Adds 1 Million Customers in Just 4 Months

Luno, the leading South African exchange, and one of the fastest growing in Africa, now has over 9 million customers in over 40 countries.

In just 4 months, Luno has added one million new customers with over 30% of the customer base coming from South Africa.

At the same time, Luno’s staff is now over 600 spread across various markets that include:


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Speaking about this monumental growth, Marius Reitz, General Manager, Luno, Africa, said:

“The average value of first deposits made by our million new customers is around R550 (USD37). Most new customers (67%) bought Bitcoin, while 43% bought Ripple and 20% bought Ethereum. Of the new customers, 37% are aged between 18 and 24, and gender splits align with trends in financial services – almost three quarters (71%) are male.”

                                    – General Manager, Luno, Africa

Below is a timeline of Luno’s impressive growth stats:

Luno’s quarterly growth is nothing short of exponential, and highlights the demand for cryptocurrency within the regions they are established.


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