Adobe Expands NFT Support to Polygon and Solana Enabling Creatives to Showcase their Minted Art on Behance

In a blog post, Adobe announced that, other than Ethereum, creators can now also show art minted on Polygon and Solana on its Behance creator platform.

Behance is a popular social media platform used by creatives across the world to showcase their creative work. This work typically centers on:

  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustrations

The news was also confirmed by Polygon indicating that, using Behance, creators can connect their Web3 wallet to their Behance profile and any NFTs they created can be displayed on their Behance profile.


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Adobe, which acquired Behance in 2012 recently added support for NFT functionality, enabling artists to add their NFT-based creations directly to the site. Since then, tens of thousands of Metamask wallets have connected to Behance, highlighting the latent demand to display Ethereum-based NFTs on the platform. 

According to Adobe, Polygon and Solana are both environmentally efficient blockchains. Polygon uses a mere fraction of the energy consumed by Proof of Work (PoW) blockchains and each Solana transaction takes less energy than two Google searches.

“NFTs have motivated me to switch from being a designer and occasional artist, to being a full-time artist, so that I can use my vision and skills to tell my stories, instead of those of clients and brands.”

– User, Behance

Adobe has also introduced the Content Authenticity Initiative, an open-source standard that allows artists to attach their artwork proof of origin to their creations.

The integration with Polygon and Solana is powered, behind the scenes, by web3 API maker, Alchemy’s suite of products including the NFT API.

To get started with NFTs on Behance:

  • Head to the NFT tab in your Behance profile
  • Connect your wallet via MetaMask or Phantom
  • Once the accounts are synced, you will be able to see all the NFTs you minted on Behance and be able to include them in any projects


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