[WATCH] Kenya Red Cross Society and BelfricsBT Sign MoU on Exploration of Blockchain Use in Education, Health, and Humanitarian Actions

The Kenya Red Cross Society and BelfricsBT have signed a memorandum of understanding on the exploration of blockchain use in health, education, and humanitarian actions.

Under the collaboration, BelfricsBT and Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) will explore different facets of KRCS businesses and humanitarian actions.

One of the key areas of exploration is IFO 2 hospital in Daadab, Garissa County, which is a 100-bed referral hospital that serves 200 – 300 outpatients in a day.

The hospital is also the only major hospital that caters to almost half of the refugees who reside in Kenya (44% of 508,033).

BelfricsBT will provide a customized hospital management system that will automate IFO 2 hospital. The system, dubbed Belyo, should help capture, store, streamline, analyze and effectively communicate health data.


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The two organizations will also be exploring ways to enhance student experiences and student information management in the training and hospitality schools. Belfrics will offer the Credibel solution to KRCS for this exercise.

The partnership will encourage a deeper exploration on the use of blockchain in humanitarian response, and the expected outcome will catapult humanitarian services to greater heights and motive more collaboration between humanitarian organizations and the private sector.

Speaking about the pilot project, Jackline Gachiri, Lead Researcher, BelfricsBT, said:

“Having been part of the first open loop blockchain pilot in the world that was conducted by KRCS, it is good to witness again KRCS and Belfricsbt be part of another history-making blockchain program. Belyo is an all-rounded interoperable, and KYC-enabled system that will ensure better management, surveillance, communication, authentication, and verification of health data in a remote setting.

– Lead Researcher, BelfricsBT

Speaking on the Mou, Dr. Asha Mohammed, Secretary General, The Kenya Red Cross Society, said:

“This signing is another demonstration of our commitment to work with private sector players to explore and incorporate in our work innovations that can improve service delivery to communities.”

– Secretary General, Kenya Red Cross Society

About Kenya Kenya Red Cross Society
The Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) was established on 21 December 1965 through the Kenya Red Cross Society Act. (Chapter 256 Laws of Kenya). Its Constitution is based on the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their Additional Protocols of 1977 to which Kenya is a signatory.

The National Society was officially recognized by the Government in the Kenya Red Cross Society Act (Chapter 256 Laws of Kenya) as a voluntary aid Society auxiliary to the public authorities in the humanitarian field and as the only National Red Cross Society that carries out its activities in the Kenyan territory.

KRCS is one of the strongest national societies globally and the leading African national society when it comes to innovation and technology application in humanitarian actions.

About BelfricsBT

BelfricsBT is a comprehensive blockchain technology solutions company that helps organizations bring in transparency and decentralization in their operations. It is the leading provider of distributed ledger technologies in various sectors.

BelfricsBT is a subsidiary of Belfrics Global which was started in 2014 and is present in over 7 countries. It has built decentralized applications (Dapps) on the Belrium blockchain which is one of the first KYC compliant hybrid blockchains in the world.

These Dapps cover health, education, human resource, and the financial sectors.

Belrium dapps are also customized to meet the needs of organizations and businesses and help them to evolve and thrive within the 4th industrial revolution.


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