NEAR Launches Kenya Regional Hub to Support Blockchain Projects and Talent in Africa

In a news release, NEAR Foundation announced the launch of Kenya Regional Hub in partnership with Sankore, a Kenya-based NEAR Guild.

The Kenya Regional Hub will accelerate blockchain innovation, education, and talent development across the African continent.

The hub, led by Sankore Founder, Kevin Imani, and a core team of four members, will play some of the following roles:

  • Organize events
  • Launch an academy and incubator
  • Be part of the Sankore Bounty ecosystem


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According to Kevin:

“Our dream is to lead the way in blockchain innovations in providing solutions to Africa’s biggest problems.

The NEAR Protocol allows tomorrow’s brightest developers to build custom solutions with scalability, security, and transparency and this hub is the next step in turning our shared vision into reality.”

– CEO, Sankore 2.0

NEAR have been partnering with Sankore to drive onboarding onto its blockchain and larger ecosystem, including holding meetings to educate about crypto and web3. Sankore also has a track record of supporting several forward-thinking blockchain projects, making it a god candidate to help drive NEAR’s activities.

Kenya joins a growing list of NEAR hubs in China, the Balkans, and Ukraine, with many more in the works. Led by great local entrepreneurs, NEAR Hubs operate as independent legal entities in full alignment with the foundation’s mission and objectives.

All regional hubs are vital to onboarding users into the NEAR ecosystem to help build a multi-chain, open web future.


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