[WATCH] I Sold My First Art to a Very Big Collector – A Chat with Kevin Kiggs, Kenya’s Leading NFT Artist

BitKE caught up with Kevin Kiggs, one of the most successful, and undoubtedly, leading NFT artist in Kenya, to talk about his journey in the NFT space.

Kevin’s work has been consistently featured on the leading NFT marketplace, OpenSea, where he has gone on to sell numerous works of art for thousands of dollars in $ETH.

Kevin’s work focuses purely on mental health issues where he addresses various aspects of mental health via his 3-D NFT artwork.


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Speaking to BitKE, Kevin said:

“I think early on, I realized that being an artist, you’re an infinite source of value, especially in the NFT space where the space is a bit more forgiving than the traditional space.

It doesn’t matter how much I give for free, I have infinite value.”

– Leading NFT artist, Kenya

A large amount of the sales proceeds of Kevin’s work goes into supporting mental health in Kenya.

In this discussion, Kevin discusses the following:

  • Getting started with NFT
  • The first NFT drop
  • The Faces collection
  • The Foundation collection
  • The Felons drop
  • The Ascends drop
  • Experimental work on Tezos
  • Lessons for new NFT artists
  • Tips to keeping safe in the NFT space


Learn more about Kevin here:


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