Web3 Ladies Partners with Polygon to Onboard Over 100K African Women onto Blockchain

Web3 Ladies, an African startup that is on a mission to onboard over 100,000 ladies in African to blockchain over 3 years, is partnering with Polygon towards this mission.

In the partnership, Polygon will come on board as a sponsor for the cohort 3 mentorship program that is run by Web3 Ladies. Having already mentored 350 ladies in cohorts 1 and 2, the organization expects to add to the quality of their training.

Polygon will be working as a sponsor of the program, which includes providing mentors and a seamless digital learning experience for these ladies. 


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Here is an excerpt from what Enebeli Oluchi, Founder of Web3 ladies, concerning the new partnership:

“Beyond supporting ladies already in the tech industry, we believe this partnership will help us do more in the Web3 Community for ladies in Nigeria and Africa at large, as well as reflect Polygon’s readiness in transforming Africa’s tech industry through the blockchain.”

– Founder, Web3 Ladies

Polygon also indicated that it is only just getting started in Africa and is targeting educational programs like the one being offered by Web3 ladies.

Antoni Martin, Enterprise Lead at Polygon, said:

“Seeing the work Web3 Ladies is doing in Nigeria got us excited, and we knew we just had to be part of it. We are looking forward to partnering with more companies/communities in the region”

– Enterprise Lead, Polygon

Web3 Ladies has over 13,000 members as part of its community, and these ladies are coming from several countries across the continent, including:

  • Nigeria
  • Uganda
  • Kenya
  • Ghana
  • South Africa

According to the founder, Enebeli Oluchi, 700 women got added into cohort 3 program out of 816 applicants.


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