ChamaPesa, the Blockchain-based App for Chamas, Announces a Possible September 2019 Release

The ChamaPesa App is a blockchain-based ledger-keeping and communication app for chamas

Following a successful documentary screening in Nairobi, Kenya in June 2018, the ChamaPesa app is now ready for launch sometime later in 2019.

On its official Telegram channel, the co-founder of ChamaPesa, Michael Kimani, made the announcement saying,

“Our first app comes out in September, ready to use for chamas that save together or merry go round groups that contribute and groups that want to fundraise for projects. the app will let you communicate as a group and keep your records on a digital ledger where it is transparent to everyone in the group.”

According to Kimani, ChamaPesa is looking to create a “social network of many chama groups that can collaborate using strong digital records and a dedicated social messaging service for chamas.”

According to the announcement, a target of 10, 000 chamas has been set which, if achieved, would make it the biggest chama savings network in East Africa.


If you are interested, join the Chamapesa Telegram group where you can ask questions directly to the team members and keep track of the project.


About ChamaPesa

Chamapesa is a ledger keeping and social messaging app for groups like chamas and merry-go-rounds built using blockchain technology to promote a savings culture. The app leverages on the Blockchain technology which enables privacy, transparency and strong record-keeping which is tamper-proof.



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