EOS Nairobi Community Meetup to Feature Will Ruddick and Phil Mesnier

EOS Nairobi Community to Host Will Ruddick and Phil Mesnier

Once again, in an effort to build and continue conversations around Blockchain in Kenya, the EOS Nairobi community has organized a meetup on 28th July, 2018 at The Nailab.

Meet-up to feature Will Ruddick, Bancor, and Phil Mesnier, Object Computing

The meetup brings together two pioneers in their different spaces to discuss blockchain development and community adoption of these newer technologies:

  • Phil Mesnier – Principal engineer and Partner – Object Computing
  • Will Ruddick – Director, Community Currencies – Bancor Network


About Phil Mesnier

Phil Mesnier has been a software developer since he was a teenager. He also happens to be one of the principal developers in the EOS blockchain protocol.

His experience in blockchain development is unmatched having worked with Fortune 500 companies in systems development.

He is currently in Nairobi, Kenya, training a team of developers on how to create Distributed applications (Dapps) on the EOS protocol.


About Will Ruddick

Will Ruddick is a pioneer in community currencies in Kenya. A development economist by training, he pioneered the development of the popular BanglaPesa community currency that saw massive adoption in the coast region a few years back.

His experience around community currencies, abd the mechanics and economics behind them, and how blockchain is enabling these newer economies in their adoption, is invaluable.

Daniel Kimotho, community Lead, EOS Nairobi, and Eng. Felicity Mecha, Community Lead, AI Saturdays, will also provide insights into the tech space in Kenya. Both have been influential and continue to play a critical role in community growth and development around newer technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Other speakers will include David Packaham of EOS 42, a block producer, who will be speaking about RAM and RAM leasing. He will give insight on Chintai and how it can be used to promote Dapp development by leasing Ram to the developers.

Luke Stokes of EOS DAC will talk about side chains and the potential they offer to the EOS ecosystem.

Kenneth Akure from EOS Nigeria will talk about the importance of having strong Blockchain communities in Africa.

We look forward to a great time in learning from these experts and having a much broader understanding of the space as we move into the third industrial revolution.


Update: The Event location has moved from Strathmore to Nailab. Time and Date remain the same.