Bitange Ndemo Highlights Ongoing Key Blockchain Projects by the Kenya Government

Since its inception in February 2018, the Kenya Blockchain and AI Taskforce has been hard at work looking for opportunities and ways in which these newer technologies can be applied in government.

As it turns out, the Chairman of the taskforce, Bitange Ndemo, was on hand to speak at the Seamless event 2018 to discuss these developments and what they have been able to do so far.


Key Highlights

Kenya Blockchain Taskforce Chairman, Bitange Ndemo, speaking at the Seamless East Africa 2018 event

Some of the key developments in the taskforce agenda has been recommendations for the government on how to apply the blockchain to streamline services. While the government is not open to disclosing what it is undertaking, we believe most of what the chairman highlighted is already under development.

Some of the key developments highlighted include:

The above developments are certainly a good sign that they Kenya government is taking the blockchain technology in solving some of the challenges facing the country and the continent.