VIDEO – A Highlight of the ‘Financial Inclusion for Africa’ KuBitX Event

KuBitX, the Pan-African exchange that recently launched, held its end-of-year event themed ‘Financial Inclusion for Africa’ in style featuring some prominent faces in the blockchain space in Kenya and the region.

Of particular interest was the push towards blockchain technology adoption and how it ties in with financial inclusion and liberation for Africa.

John Karanja – CEO, Bithub Africa, a Blockchain Accelerator, Nairobi, Kenya

John Karanja, CEO, Bithub Africa, spoke passionately about the technology and how it currently compares to the dotcom bubble where only a few companies emerged to dominate the current web. He likened current blockchain projects as the future Amazons, Googles, and IBMs of the current world.

Benjamin Arunda, author, ‘Understanding the Blockchain’ Book, Nairobi, Kenya

Benjamin Arunda, an eloquent speaker and author of the first blockchain book in Kenya, ‘Understanding the Blockchain,’ spoke on the coming revolution brought on by blockchain. He also highlighted two reasons why the technology adoption is still lagging, namely, superstition and bureaucracy.

Michael Lawal, VP, Business Strategy & Development, KuBitX

Michael Lawal, the VP for business strategy / development at KuBitX, spoke of his experiences across Africa and Europe and how Africa can transform and disrupt itself by adopting the blockchain technology as opposed to using Western blockchain solutions.

The event was well attended and marked the end of a successful year in blockchain in Kenya and the region.