Bitcoin Keith, a Nigerian Crypto Entrepreneur, Returns $80K Sent by Mistake to his Bitcoin Wallet

Keith Mali, a bitcoin and crypto entrepreneur from Nigeria, has returned $80K in Bitcoin he received by mistake in his wallet.

Mali revealed that the huge crypto sum, which was 7.8 BTC (approximately $80K in USD) was transferred to his account by an anonymous sender who reached out to him after he put out the following comment on Twitter:

Keith would later post this reply:

Speaking on the impact of crypto and blockchain, the 28-year old Nigerian crypto educator and founder of LoopBlock Network Solutions, a company that provides blockchain services believes, said:

Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology is Africa’s best-bet to elevating poverty and escaping the corrupt system! Non-correlative and non asymmetric class of asset that will change our lives forever.”


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Mali has been featured on Cointelegraph and his story is quickly gaining popularity in the bitcoin and crypto community who see this heroic act as good opportunity to bring more awareness about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Mali is also the African ambassador for the Beaxy Crypto Exchange which has been celebrating Keith’s acts after the story came out.




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