Bitcoin ATMs WorldWide Now Over 6,000 with Africa Accounting for Only 14 According to Latest 2019 Stats

The number of Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs) installed worldwide has now surpassed the 6,000 mark, a new milestone. Africa only accounts for 14 ATMs as of 2019.

According to latest statistics by CoinATMRadar, a service that tracks the number and location of all crypto ATMs worldwide, North America accounts for over two thirds of ATMs worldwide distantly followed by Europe with a mere 20%.


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Below are the 2019 stats:

  • Over 2/3rd of all machines installed worldwide are in North America
  • Approximately 11 ATMs are installed daily
  • Almost all installed ATMs support Bitcoin with over 4,000 supporting altcoins
  • Over 1,000 ATMs have been installed since June 2019 alone
  • Over 2, 000 installed so far in 2019 alone, the highest number to date
  • South Africa accounts for the highest number in Africa with 7 ATMs
North America accounts for more than 2/3rd of all BTMs deployed worldwide

Only a handful of countries in Africa have a crypto ATM as shown below:

Bitcoin is supported on almost all ATMs deployed worldwide

Below is a list of the top 5 countries with the highest number of ATMs installed:

  • United States – 4, 133
  • Canada – 732
  • United Kingdom – 295
  • Austria – 193
  • Spain – 86

Despite the United States being a leader in BTMs, the U.S. IRS is wary of the potential tax issues associated with them and is pushing for more stricter KYC and AML for those operating them. This however, is clearly not deterring their growth and popularity.




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