[VIDEO] What Can Crypto Do for Africa? – Interview with Nhial Majok, CEO, Kesho Labs, Kenya

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Nhial Majok, CEO, Kesho Labs, Kenya, sat down for an interview with BlockTV to discuss cryptocurrencies in Africa at the BlockShow Asia 2019 in Singapore.

Nhial has been in the blockchain and crypto space for about 2 years now and has built Kesho Labs, a startup studio, venture house, and a development shop, heavily involved in the African space.

“The established way in which things are done is not great and we think we can improve it. With crypto and all the stablecoins that are coming, I think they are going to be used to reduce the friction of sending money, friction of doing trade, the friction of holding wealth, and in fact, if you want to speculate, that is also up to you. In think in that sense, what the crypto community is doing essentially a humanitarian thing in the world.” ~ Nhial Majok, CEO, Kesho Labs.


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Nhial discusses a number of subjects on crypto adoption in Africa. Some of these include:

  • The journey towards building Kesho Labs
  • The African P2P crypto space
  • The African fiat situation and how crypto is solving the crisis
  • The regulatory environment in Africa
  • How communities are helping grow crypto adoption in Africa
  • How crypto is a game changer globally
  • Use cases of stablecoins in reducing remittance friction and wealth preservation

Recently, Kesho Labs organized an AMA where Nhial fielded questions with the community on their new Wavu Token and what to expect in the future.



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