[PODCAST] How Jamborow is Building a Blockchain-based Inclusive Fintech Platform for Africa with Moses Onitilo

We caught up with Moses Onitilo, Co-Founder and CTO of Jamborow, an all-inclusive fintech platform leveraging blockchain to enable financial inclusion on the African continent.

We discussed at length, the project goals, milestones, achievements, and expansion plans for Jamborow and what we can expect from the project a few months down the line.

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Jamborow is a truly innovative and intelligent platform which brings together financial service providers, small savings groups, Co-op banks, investors, SACCOs, NGO Funds, and financial institutions to cross-collaborate and offer value to end consumers.

Jamborow lending services seek to stay away from the commong predatory lending practices evident in the market by using intelligent onboarding to ensure players are vetted and approved.

In this podcast, Onitilo breaks down the following for us:

  • Tell us about yourself and your partners
  • How was Jamborow born?
  • Jamborow calls itself the first inclusive and intelligent fintech platform. Can you explain that in detail?
  • How is Jamborow using blockchain for financial inclusion?
  • You say you are building an ecosystem to empower and not disempower. Can you elaborate further on this?
  • How many companies and institutions are you currently working or partnered with?
  • Which African countries are you currently operating in?
  • What are your thoughts on cryptocurrencies and blockchain?

To learn more about Jamborow, check out the resource below:

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