Remitano Adds a Nigerian Naira Wallet for Instant Trades Following a Huge P2P Trading Spike in the Country

In an effort to serve the huge growing African and Nigerian P2P bitcoin market, Remitano, a P2P platform, has added a Naira-based wallet allowing users instantly both buy and sell, as well as deposit and withdrawal bitcoin.

Buyers will now have unlimited Naira deposited into their Remitano accounts and will be able to make instant transfers to sellers fro their NGN wallets.  This will also be able to instantly withdraw to their bank accounts as well.

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Up to a maximum amount of N300, 000 (Approx. $790) can be deposited or withdrawn at any one time.

Unline the Paxful P2P platform however, which requires traders to be online, Remitano will now be able to easily create an ad, enable a seller to accep the bid, and complete the transaction in a matter of seconds without the need for the buyer to be online. All of this is now automated.

How to use the NGF Fiat Remitano wallet:


  • Open Remitano and select ‘Wallets’ from the drop-down menu under ‘Dashboard’
  • Click on the ‘Deposit’ tab
  • Select bank account to deposit


  • Open the wallet and click on the ‘Withdraw’ tab
  • Create a new account by clicking on the ‘Create’ tab
  • Confirm bank account details and click on ‘Withdraw’ tab
  • Check your bank statement to confirm the withdraw

The new features enable unverified or Level 1 users to withdraw but they cannot deposit until verified.



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